• Do You Utilize Strategic Media? You Should!

    If you're producing an eLearning module, then one of the greatest choices you should make is how you wish to present the content.

    By default, many people go back to Microsoft PowerPoint because this program has been a staple in training for quite some time.

    This format is not ideal, especially in online courses.

    It's a smart idea to increase learning engagement utilizing numerous types of strategic media. Strategic media is the use of numerous media components (video, images, audio, interactions, and so on) for achieving a function.

    Simply put, you aren't including media because it matches the style of the material. An example would be the image included in this blog site post. While it assists to separation the material aesthetically, it hasn't been included to achieve a goal.

    Precisely why Use Strategic Media?

    There is a range of reasons to use tactical media, much of which backed by studies proving its effectiveness situations. That reason, though, thinks about for a moment the courses that you enjoy taking. Opportunities are they include tactical media. Text-only courses are barely ever unforgettable.

    But if you're searching for some truths, then there are compelling ones to think about:

    Our brains procedure visuals 60,000 times faster than text.
    Our brains procedure visual cues in just 250 milliseconds.
    90% of information that concerns our brain is visual.
    40% of individuals react much better to visual info than text-only content.
    People prefer visuals, with 59% of senior executives in the corporate sector preferring visuals over text.

    As you develop your eLearning storyboard, make certain you consist of a section for strategic media. Not every area needs to have media, but where possible you ought to strongly think about executing it.

    Here's a tip. Rather of simply describing what the media will remain in that area of your course, also include the preferred objective of the media. This will assist to ensure that media is appropriate rather than sidetracking.

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